I use a medical dental drill bit to carve the surface of white porcelain, from a form thrown on a wheel, to create delicate patterns. This work requires an enormous amount of patience, and I feel a sense of accomplishment that stays in my hands for a long time. My work preserves and respects craftsmanship and traditional pottery making techniques as much as possible. I try new things through my own research and creative practice in each process of preparing materials and creating works. I look for the subject matter of my work in various places in the vastness nature. The material starts from a tiny part that is invisible and sometimes becomes a point beyond the landscape. The materials found in this way are sometimes seeds, reborn as water droplets, condensing energy into flower buds. My work is the most positive combination of the results of constantly finding, recording, and experimenting in the great flow of nature.

나의 작업은 물레로 형태를 만들어낸 백자위에 의료용 바늘등을 이용하여 섬세한 패턴을 조각하는 것이다. 이것은 많은 인내심을 요하며 나는 오랜시간동안 만들어진 나의 작업에 큰 성취감을 느낀다. 또한 장인 정신과 전통 도자기 제작 기술을 최대한 보존하고 존중하며, 재료를 준비하고 작품을 만드는 각 과정에서 나만의 연구와 창의적 실천을 통해 새로운 시도를 하고 있다.